Monday, July 26, 2010

Chicago Life!

Me and Kim going out on the town Saturday night

This past week (July 16-25) I lived for a week in Chicago with my friend Kim. We did many things around the city and I developed new loves for things I never had before. I experienced new foods. And got a new haircut that I have never had before (Its shorter now, with hints of red.) I experienced train trouble, and how hectic it all is. (Read about it under the picture of the suitcases on the train) I went onto my first movie set, the set of Transformers 3. And I met an actor from the movie. I laughed. I cried. I even fell in the middle of a chicago intersection, crossing illegally, while it was pouring rain. I made new friends. I ate my weight in Cheesecake Factory...twice. I fell in love with the movie Inception. I lost things. But I gained better ones. And I had THE time of my life. I wish I could've stayed longer, but I'll be back one day. And now I'm already looking straight into the eyes of my next adventure.

So morning traffic on the subway trains are usually pretty hectic. Its even worse, if you're fighting all those people, while carrying around 80 pounds in a suitcase. Orginally, we always get on the train at Halsted and get off at Harlem, a straight shot that usually takes about 40 minutes. But one morning was a little different. This one morning in Chicago, we got on one train. And in the middle of all the stops, the train suddenly goes "Out of Service" So we are forced to get off and wait for the next one, which comes in 20 minutes. So we get on this one and it somehow became express and is passing all the stops, all the people going to work are furious. So one man in our car goes up and opens the trains doors! While we're zooming along. Which causes the train to stop and the conductor to come back. When he enters our car and sees the problem, he begins to fix the doors. But the man who opened them starts going off on the conductor and starts a yelling fight, then a woman from another car comes over and joins in the fight! It freaked us out pretty bad, Kim videoed it all. So the conductor calms everyone down and lets us off at the next train. Then another comes and we get on, and a few stops down we were told to get off again for no reason so we had to wait for another train! This one, atleast, finally took us to our stop.

Such great friends after the week :)

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